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Select from our current assortment of freshly roasted high grade organic coffees for yourself or as a gift for your family, friends, clients, or any coffee lover in your life. We have your selected coffee roasted, and bagged in a customize coffee bag with any name printed in place of "Tim" is Making Great Coffee. i.e. Sally is Making Great, Dan is Making Great Coffee, Grandpa Rod is Making Great Coffee, Downtown Auto Body is Making Great Coffee. Then we will replace our logo with the photo of you upload. What a terrific customize birthday, Christmas, or any time gift to give to that coffee lover in your life.

leave them asking

Who is Tim? and why is he making great coffee

Who is Tim and why is he making great coffee? That is what they are going to be asking from Boston to San Diego. Be the first in your hometown

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Who is Tim

Tim is a real person that spends 364 days of the year, since March of 2015 making delicious organic coffee and tea drinks as well as some really tantilizing food for his community of San Juan Capistrano, California.

Who is Doobie

Doobie is the official mascot of Tim is Making Great Coffee. He is also the dog Tim would love to have in his life if he wasn't at a food establishment most of his days. This is not a reference to drugs but more a ode to the the Doobie Brothers, one of Tim's favorite bands and to the love of his life who is nickname Doobie.

Why Tim's Coffee is so Right

All this Third Wave coffee nonsense but yet most of what these people are drinking is non-organic, pesticide ladened crap. Coffee is one the most pesticde and mold ladened crops in the world.

cont'd. Why Tim's Coffee is so right

Premium 100% USDA Certified Organic Coffee is all you get at Tim is Making Great Coffee. You learn to kick drinking way sweetened colas and processed fruit juices, make a new resolution to stop drinking non organic coffee.